[Obsolete] LöveFTW progress thread

Discuss any ports of LÖVE to different platforms.
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Re: LöveFTW progress thread

Post by szensk » Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:19 pm

WP does support COM, including a subset of Win32 and Direct3D(9_3). Obviously, this what allowed T-Bone to use ANGLE (which implements OpenGL via Direct3D functions) to support Love. Secondly, it's not any slower than other ARM based platforms. Your compiled C++ code will be just as fast as on almost any other system running the same processor. That said, there are some oddities: WP8 programs always use the Thumb2 encoding which rules out LuaJIT (which only supports the regular ARM instruction encoding). Thumb2 can be faster for some workloads and is always more dense than the old ARM encoding.

So in total, I see two reasons why WP8 should be slower than equivalent phones running Android: ANGLE overhead and lack of LuaJIT. Neither of which have much to do with COM.

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Re: LöveFTW progress thread

Post by T-Bone » Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:24 am

Some actual LöveFTW progress: Playing .ogg-files now work on ARM devices too! The issue: I had the wrong endian xD One bug left for an initial release! (Unless I find some other important bugs in the process, fingers crossed!)

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Re: LöveFTW progress thread

Post by jjmafiae » Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:07 pm

T-Bone wrote:
jjmafiae wrote:Oh dear, if this is slower than standard löve then I will definitely not port my game with this, I'm already struggling with performance for my game even though I optimized the hell out of it.
If performance is important, this port is probably not for you. This port is primarily for targeting phones and tablets, where performance is typically limited anyway. If you're doing heavy calculations and heavy graphics, targeting only desktop makes the most sense.

If you weren't planning on supporting the Android and iOS ports, you probably shouldn't plan on supporting LöveFTW either.
actually my game worked okay on android the only reason why I decided not to release it for android is because there are still alot of low-end android phones that are too weak to play it and because I have experienced some odd bugs in the android port.

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