LOVE 0.10.0 (or 0.10.1) iOS .ipa

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LOVE 0.10.0 (or 0.10.1) iOS .ipa

Post by TripleXero » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:31 am

Hey everyone, I was a little reluctant to post this as it's a really contentless question and seemingly not a common concern, but I was wondering if someone could compile an iOS .ipa for me for LOVE. I had given this a shot myself with VirtualBox and couldn't figure it out (the extreme slowdown on the virtual machine didn't really help), and I'd love to mess around with making games on my phone. I've asked elsewhere and not gotten anywhere, so this is basically my last resort to ask here. I have a jailbroken iPhone, so putting the app on my phone won't be a problem once the actual file is created. Thank you in advance if anyone can help!

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Re: LOVE 0.10.0 (or 0.10.1) iOS .ipa

Post by bobbyjones » Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:36 pm

Since the iOS port was merged into main you should post this in the main support forum. More people probably browse the support forum rather than the ports.

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