[MMO] BrawlQuest: Shipwrecked v1.1 [Now on Steam!]

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Re: [MMO] BrawlQuest: Shipwrecked [Now on Steam!]

Post by Pebsie » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:39 pm

Just to keep everyone posted on this: Shipwrecked v1.0.1 is now out adding in some nice UI updates and optimisations. Very soon will be the release of Shipwrecked v1.1 which completely removes random encounters which is a massive system change.

Here's the changelist so far:
- Removed random encounters (fights now appear in the overworld with a 5 minute reset timer (one in-game hour))
- Which fights spawn now depend on in game time of day and weather

- Fixed a glitch that caused you to get a copy of your helmet when you changed gear (instead of returning the equipped gear back to your inventory)

- Heavily optimised the way that player data is stored
- Added anti username spoofing measures
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