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Re: PlanetCon - Galcon clone

Post by osuf oboys » Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:05 pm

schme16 wrote:As for the colours I've been wondering about this very problem, if you have some suggestions for colours based on what would work for you; I'd live to hear them!
The ability to pick colors yourself would fix all problems. Even something as simple as a file read at startup. An alternative would be too add logos or other identifying marks to the planets.

The common forms of colorblindness generally ignore or weakens the reception of shorter wavelengths. In effect, red, green, and yellow can look similar. For those that have trouble making red out, it appears as a darker green. I don't have any concrete advice except to go for different levels of light or saturation when the blue hue is similar.

Some color schemes as seen by normal people, and the two prevalent forms or color blindness: those who cannot see green (full: 1% population, weak: 5%), and those who cannot see red yet it darkens the color (full: 1%, weak: 1%). Other forms of color blindness are in the 10000ths I think. ... sibone.gif ... sibone.gif ... sibone.gif
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