Dungeon of Flowers

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Dungeon of Flowers

Post by neilmakesgames » Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:18 pm

Hey, friends, just finished my first "complete" Love2d game for the A Game By Its Cover Jam and wanted to share it here.

My game, Dungeon of Flowers is a simple roguelike based on the fake Famicom cartridge art by Jeremy Hobbs:


Screenshot gif:



The object of the game is to reach the lowest level of the Dungeon of Flowers and escape alive.

Bump into monsters to fight them, collect healing items and equipment to boost your stats and increase your chance for survival.

Press [SPACE] to pick up items and close doors.

You can close doors to block monsters' paths.

Press [ESCAPE] to open your menu. Equipment will boost your attack and defense, which will also increase as you defeat enemies. Equip items from your Inventory menu.

Healing items are very important, so do not be afraid to use them in order to stay alive.


[WASD] or [ARROW KEYS] to move

[ENTER] to confirm menu choices

[ESCAPE] to open and close the menu during play

[SPACE] to close doors and pick up items

[P] creates a screenshot

[ALT+F4] exits the game without saving

[F1] or [F11] toggles fullscreen

[3] toggles fancy screen effects


It's not very deep or complicated, and possibly still buggy, but I made it in two weeks so that's probably to be expected.

Libraries included: HUMP, RotLove, JSON4Lua, autobatch

There's a good chance that Bump is still in there, but I'm fairly certain it isn't used. The codebase is kind of sloppy.

If you want to read a bit about the development process, I've got a Dungeon of Flowers tag on my development blog.

The itch.io page page has a windows executable, but you can also grab the .love file for version 1.6 from this post. Let me know what you think. :)
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