Plank and Bob (Android) (Testers welcome)

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Plank and Bob (Android) (Testers welcome)

Post by Chroteus » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:23 pm

Download link: ... lcat.plank

Use a unique control system to reunite Bob and Rose in this physics based puzzle with 50 (+5 special levels) unique levels. Use your finger’s dexterity and logic to solve puzzles by pushing around Plank.


Push (not pull or drag) Planks around with your finger. Your goal is for Bob and Rose to touch, however you can only do so by pushing Planks around.
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I haven't uploaded it to Play Store, as I haven't tested this game on various devices. I'll appreciate if you leave your feedback (especially regarding UI sizing), and if something is wrong, or looks off, screenshot it and write your phone model.

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