SNAKE ROY (Bad Box Art Jam 2017)

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SNAKE ROY (Bad Box Art Jam 2017)

Post by neilmakesgames » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:03 pm

Hi all.

I just made a game for the GameJolt "Bad Box Art 2017" Game Jam: SNAKE ROY. The jam theme was "take an older game with box art that didn't accurately represent the game and make a game that more accurately represents the art."

You are KING ROY.

A WIZARD has transformed you into a horrible monster.

Seek out the wizard and exact your REVENGE!


[WASD] or [ARROWS] to move

[SPACE] to attack

[P] to Pause

[M] to Mute
If you also participated in the jam, feel free to rate the game: ... roy/244803

I made the game in a weekend, so there might be bugs. At least one person has reported the game not ending correctly when you beat the wizard, but I haven't reproduced that bug yet.

I've also attached the .love so you can download it directly.
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