Platformer-Herbie's Quest

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Platformer-Herbie's Quest

Post by wbat24 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:56 pm

Herbie's quest is a simple platformer with one level and a simple goal: find the magic compass. The narative runs deeper than that though... Herbie is a piece of magic piece of topaz who is part of the royal family. His parents overlooked his squareness and loved Herbie anyway (being a square gemstone is seen as a disability in his society). However, one day Herbie upset the King and made him go into a fit of fury. His father (the King) banished Herbie and said to "NEVER COME BACK UNLESS YOU'RE ROUND!". Herbie promptly ran off to steal to steal the magic compass which will lead him to the magic Sandpaper Goddesses. These Goddesses will sand Herbie and make him round so he can live with his family again. Join Herbie on his quest to discover himself and to appease his overbearing father.

This was a one semester project in which I went from having no knowledge of love2d or Lua, to making this game. The controlls are simple, you can us WASD or arrow keys. The compass is in a box somewhere in the castle. Please note that you will stick to the ceiling if you hold the jump button. This is because to check if the player is grounded, the game checks if you're y value changed from the last frame. Because you hit the ceiling, and you sill have upwards volocity, you stay on the ceiling long enough for the game to thing that you have landed, which allows you to jump again. Thanks to all who helped me with my dumb questions on the fourm, I hope you enjoy the game.

**The physics change once you obtain the compass :awesome:**
The first (and probably only) level of Herbie's quest
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