Scrapped My Little Pony RPG ^-^

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Scrapped My Little Pony RPG ^-^

Post by pyceanx » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:18 am

Hiya! I'm here to dump the source and media of an old, ambitious personal project I had worked on in 2012. This project would have been a story-based RPG, with mechanics and presentation heavily inspired by the Mother series. The project contains only original pixel art, save for a Celestia and Nightmare sprite I stole. (which I have left in, just to demonstrate different enemies)

It also has two sound effects stolen straight from Earthbound, and probably a few copy-paste algorithms. Practically, all of the other code is original. However...

The code
is awful, and I do not recommend anyone use this as a source for learning. I made it when I was fresh out of using Game Maker, and Lua was still very new to me. It runs in Love2D, and I've updated it recently to work with the newest LOVE version, (of this time) 0.10.2.

The story,
from what I can gather from the 'planning' files and from memory, would have followed Twilight, Rarity, and A.J., separately, as the Mane 6 have been banished from Equestria for unknown reasons, and all but Twilight have had their memory wiped.

The bulk of the story would have involved the 6 searching for eachother, and learning the cause of their banishment throughout their adventure. I imagine it would be learned that Celestia had been corrupted, and banishing the 6 would be essential to the plans of whoever was behind all this. (I don't think I knew who, when I wrote it.)

And, I'm sure, the climax would have involved the 6 fighting Celestia. Oh, the chills I felt imagining that epic scene...

Have some visuals :)

An overworld Twilight, and the basic menu system:

Here is a battle with 5 parasprites, demonstrating attacking, directing an attack to an enemy, Fluttershy's "examine" ability, and the various animations and character art. I apologize for the overused blur effect, and didn't think at the time to maybe reserve it for more powerful attacks.

Here is the dynamic party system. A given, of course, but I'm proud of what I achieved with it back then. :)

And, of course, battle loss, and my sad/cute loss screen:

The source: ... sp=sharing

I'm not really sure why I didn't go further with this project, but I'm definitely happy with the direction I'm going now, straying from fandom-reliant work. I hope you can gain something out of this; I have no intention on taking it further, but I figured I'd at least release it somehow. Feel free to use it however you'd like.

Thank you for reading. :)

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Re: Scrapped My Little Pony RPG ^-^

Post by Pebsie » Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:23 am

This looks really cool! Very polished, very nice graphics.
I totally agree with you that straying away from fandom-reliant work is best. I'm excited to hear about your next project now, this one looks really really nice.
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Re: Scrapped My Little Pony RPG ^-^

Post by pyceanx » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:37 pm

Thank you very much! ^-^

I understand the importance behind that kind of work. Plus, a lot of fans do appreciate it... but it can tend to halt interest in innovation. I'd rather take my chances with my ability to innovate... possibly tell a more original story. I'm not saying fan work can't deliver its own innovation and unique experience, but there usually isn't much motivation to do so, if fans will flock to you anyway. > v <

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