Paddle League - Pong meets eSports

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Paddle League - Pong meets eSports

Post by Pebsie » Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:23 pm

Hi all!

After showcasing Brawl Quest around at my university, I've ended up with a team of creatives and we've called ourselves FreshPlay (after a server hosting company I ran a few years back). We spent some time brainstorming product ideas to go alongside BrawlQuest, and today I present to you the first outcome of our work...

Paddle League
Welcome to the court...

Paddle League is an ATARI pong-style game of tennis, but this time with competitive matchmaking. Rise up the ranks from Bronze I to Diamond to #1 in the world and compete in online competitions. Choose your bat's colour and the shape of your supporters. Challenge your friends to intense 1v1 competitions.

You can read more over on the itch page.


Test season 1 is currently in full swing. Download and play now!

Join the Discord community here!
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Re: Paddle League - Pong meets eSports

Post by Atone » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:11 pm

I like the idea! My immediate criticism is that the music was loud with no option to adjust or mute, so I had to go running to change my system volume. Also in my very first bot game, the bot didn't move at all and just let me have the win. Subsequent bot games have all worked fine, though.

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