Accordion Solitaire

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Accordion Solitaire

Post by xThomas » Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:44 am

Accordion is a variant of solitaire where your goal is to compress all cards into one pile. Instead of moving reds on blacks, the top card will match rank or suit instead.

In this variant, you have a maximum of 16 cards in your hand. The deck has a total of 52 cards. You can make a move when..

1. The pile you are moving is moving towards the top left
2. Your target pile is either next to the pile you are moving,
3. or there are 2 piles in-between
4. The face cards on the 2 piles must match
5. either the rank, or the color

end the game

change the window size

see the rules

quit the game

[1]fixed score bug, added primitive background, attempted to make it Model-View-Controller but I don't have enough knowledge for that (I don't even know what that is)
[2]not much changed
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