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Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:48 pm
by sfabrikan
Good afternoon. I warn you, this is Google translate.
So, I want to imagine my sick imagination in the light.
I'm doing some experiment, I want to collect a game from the quests of various volunteers.
Volunteers can freely write any quests, they are given complete will in the development of their quest. Restriction is only a developed functional of the game. Then I take and collect all the tasks in one game, creating a unique chaotic unpredictable world.
At the moment, the quest template itself and its primitive playback are implemented, as well as Yandex speech technology for the quest's voice (it is downloaded directly from the web service). (I wanted to use Google, but it turned out to be paid)
If you want to become a volunteer, write, I'm glad to anyone :awesome: .