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Kill the Zombies- Game with arduino

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:20 am
by AdrianN
Hi all, Recently I have been playing some things with arduino.

So in the meantime take advantage of making a game that I have documented for an workshop in my university. And out of nowhere came the idea of mixing that game and a simple arduino joystick.

Looking the internet I found a easy way to connect, using c-shap and serial port and send data .txt file, I only need to read the .txt with lua i/o.

I share my game, source code and the tools that are used if someone is interested.

* Source code game (arduino/no arduino ver):
* Source code C# serial reader:
* Source code and diagram to arduino joystick

* Executable game with serial reader ... qr7739nE3m

PD: First you need to connect the joystick with PC and start the bluetooth (I use HC -05 module to share data) open the serial reader executable, otherwise the program will close.