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Re: A Love2D puzzle game - free keys

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 11:29 pm
by AndyDuff
Hi Astorek86,

Thanks for picking up a code and for taking the time to play my game and give me feedback - I really appreciate this!

I'm aware of 'juiciness', in fact I saw a video on this last year. I hold my hands up: My game does not have juiciness! What it does have-- and you will discover this once you get to the end of world 2 and onwards --are really carefully thought-out puzzles, and a lot of new twists that the first world does not even hint at. Please give it a chance! It is rough around the edges but get into it and I assure you you will be rewarded.

On a less defensive note :) , I completely take the point on the importance of presentation. While I don't think I will ever make this game 'juicy', I am working with a graphic designer to add new graphics, and I will be adding spot effects, also for onscreen buttons.

Also one final point before I sign-off again: Slowness. From the first world there seems little point in the 'smooth' time-based motion in the game. A grid-based system might seem a more obvious and responsive choice. However there is a good reason for this. I don't want to drop spoilers, but once you get past world 1 (which is basically a tutorial world) it should become obvious why I've developed an 'engine' capable of handling 'dynamics'.


Re: A Love2D puzzle game - free keys

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:03 am
by Gold_Car
I took Key #5. They're all gone now and I am solving puzzles as we speak.

Re: A Love2D puzzle game - free keys

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:07 pm
by AndyDuff
Pleased to hear it, thanks for giving it a go. How have you got on? I'm putting the final touches to a sequel that has better graphics by the way; hope to release that soon

Re: A Love2D puzzle game - free keys

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:10 am
by AndyDuff
Hi all,
I've added more keys! (Please see the earlier post)
Please give it a go and let me know what you think