Benham Disk Color Illusion

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Benham Disk Color Illusion

Post by raidho36 »

I threw together a Benham Disk simulation, which creates color illusion by alternating black and white at specific patterns, physically made as a spinning wheel with bands on it. By adjusting wheel speed, band thickness and band length just right, a spinning wheel will create illusion of the bands being colored. The effect is not particularly strong but it's fun nonetheless. Also by reversing direction you can reverse color pattern.

High refresh rate monitor is strongly recommended for this, but 60 Hz low response time panels do still work adequately. Don't disable vsync in settings - blur effect relies on frame timing being equal to monitor refresh timing, and disabling the blur disrupts the effect significantly.

Screenshot just for completeness, obviously you can't see any motion-induced color illusion on a static picture.
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Re: Benham Disk Color Illusion

Post by Ulydev »

Interesting, the effect is light but indeed present. Thanks for sharing :-)
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