Thoughts about love?

General discussion about LÖVE, Lua, game development, puns, and unicorns.
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Re: Thoughts about love?

Post by Robin » Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:53 am

Ensayia wrote:"Arbeit Macht Frei" was also written into the metal gate of one of the worst concentration camps during the holocaust. Yeah, keeping that name probably would have pissed a few people off.
The IRC channel would have been interesting, though. Instead of horny perverts, we'd get Nazis as Strange Visitors and would be trolled by anti-fascists.

True story: someone in my History class once suggested that phrase as subtitle for a "Happy Communists Working" kind of poster. He was clueless. Cue awkward silence spreading throughout the classroom.
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Re: Thoughts about love?

Post by tsturzl » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:53 pm

nevon wrote:Apparently, I found LÖVE only days after the site was set up. I had no idea until a few months ago. I think that I found it after having used Pygame for a point-and-click adventure game I worked on, and not being too happy with the way Pygame works. But I could be wrong, because my memory sucks.

Similar story, I was using PyGame for a game and got sick of the poor design. I basically got angry, gave up on Python 2D Engines altogether, because they all seem to be either poorly designed or documented. So I found myself going to C++ and SDL, to learn that it is too manual for my liking, I want to write a game, not a game engine. I tried several other C++ libraries to come to the conclusion that I miss scripting languages. I googled "2d game engine" and saw love2d, sounded odd, but I clicked it. Examples were pretty cool and it seemed well developed. Problem was I didn't know lua, though I was intending to. So I took to learning lua, took about 3 days of reading and I finally got it.

Now I feel fairly comfortable with Love, and it is much better designed, and extremely easy and well documented. You can say I fell in love.

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Re: Thoughts about love?

Post by ikarus » Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:42 pm

I'm currently making something with Game Editor, but really got sick of the editor continually bugging and freezing. Made it hard to tell if I made a mistake or not as the bugs don't always show in the exported game. So I got into this routine of changing something seeing menu text appear in the middle of a level or the levels starting too soon or even timer never going off! Closing the application, re-launching it, seeing it still happens, going through my code for hours, giving up and exporting the game only to find that the bug wasn't in the exported version at all. I'll probably finish the project in it cause I'm nearly done but went out searching for a better option for my next project.

Came across Love like 5 times, I wasn't sure about learning yet another language plus I'm not a fan of Algol syntax, but liked the examples. So I looked up Lua, saw it was based a lot on Lisp, which is one of my all time favorite languages *INTEREST SPARKED* So now learning Lua while I finish my old project and think my next will be for Love ^-^

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Re: Thoughts about love?

Post by felix24 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:40 pm

i did some gaming projects in college and really enjoyed them. we used panda 3d, which is pretty cool. and I did some messing around with TGE in my spare time. I thought TGE would be awesome cause, you know, it cost money. but i wasn't all that imressed with it. that could have just been down to my lack of skills though and not the game engine itself.
anywho, it's been over a year and a half since i finished college and haven't done much programming since, so i though a gaming project would be a good way to get back into it. so i did a quick search for good 2d game engines, LÖVE was somewhere at the top if the list, downloaded it, spent about a day reading the tutorials, scratching my brain and trying to remember how to program. been using now for a few weeks and i really like it :ultrahappy:. i think i've learned enough about LÖVE and lua by this point to start work on larger project.

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Re: Thoughts about love?

Post by miloguy » Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:51 am

I used to be on a site called ROBLOX and a bunch of people starting using LOVE because it uses the same language (Lua) as ROBLOX so I tried it and it was awsome

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Re: Thoughts about love?

Post by StoneCrow » Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:04 pm

i was programming mods for Cortex Command and learning C++ and HTML in my spare time. Geti posted a game he was working on in the Cortex Command forums ProtoRTS thought it was really cool and after browsing the forums for a while i saw what a incredibly friendly and supportive community this is. Pretty much instantly gave up C++ and started learning lua ive been löving ever since.

dont really have any complaints about löve atm, works perfectly for what i need it for.
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Re: Thoughts about love?

Post by pekka » Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:23 am

Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier
Sie atmet dich sie sucht nach dir
Nistet auf gebrochenen Herzen
Geht auf Jagd bei Kuss und Kerzen
According to a bunch of German guys, that is.

I found Löve via Reddit. I contributed to the docs when 0.6.X were the current versions, and I have used Löve for a few prototypes and hacks ever since. I also published a very small puzzle game that may still be here somewhere, but may not. I'm mostly using and going to use other gamedev environments, but I might use Löve for something publishable at some point. Then again, I've been thinking that for a few years already :)

Löve is very good for making quick prototypes of Box2D thingies. It's because Lua doesn't need a time-consuming compilation stage, which means you can just try a lot of things in a short time, without a fuss.

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