Ideas to setup Lua, LuaRocks and LÖVE on Windows

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Ideas to setup Lua, LuaRocks and LÖVE on Windows

Post by Roland_Yonaba » Sat Jan 02, 2016 11:17 am

Happy New Year, folks.

I am starting out a new and fresh Lua Installation on my computer (running under Windows), and I was wondering what would be the optimal setup to work with Lua. I have a couple of ideas, but I am just looking for (better ?) ideas.
I have been using Notepad++ before, and also LuaForWindows which was perfect to me, in the sense it comes with most of Lua batteries I need. I might go with that again, but I was (ideally) looking into working with ZeroBrane, and why not, Atom, which looks quite nice. I was wondering... How would you setup Atom, and be able to run Lua code in the editor ? Maybe linking it to the Windows Console ? Is it woking good, according to the ones who have tried this ? Does it debug Lua 5.x wells ? Does this Lua setup detects a LuaRocks installation ? And moreover, what might be the best solutions to have LÖVE support : running LÖVE 0.10.0 ad having syntax highlighting for böth LÖVE and Lua 5.X ? These are mostly the features which makes me tend to look into Atom. Well, there's ZeroBrane, and I am quite familiar with, but that would be my second choice.

Anyway, waiting for your input.

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Re: Ideas to setup Lua, LuaRocks and LÖVE on Windows

Post by OttoRobba » Sun Jan 03, 2016 6:33 am

With Atom, in your case, I would do this:

- Install LuaForWindows
- Install Luacheck (can be installed via LuaRocks).
- Install Atom with the following extensions: Script, love-atom, linter-luacheck
- Add something like lume-lurker to you LÖVE game
- Run your game from console (I find it more practical this way)

I use a similar workflow - debugging is nowhere near as deep as ZeroBrane but frankly, I personally never really needed/used it.

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