Curve editor (Third-party software, not LOVE)

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Curve editor (Third-party software, not LOVE)

Post by AntonioModer »

I found free "Curve editor" program:
* or ... itor.shtml
Need importer to Lua.
Curve-Editor_1.png (35.93 KiB) Viewed 2120 times
Exported file format:
Exported file format:
Sprite animation in one s project c c Unity3d .png (43.71 KiB) Viewed 1954 times
Q: For what this editor?
A: For any animations, for change of variable. Example: change color.
Like in Unity3d: ... urves.html

Maybe it can be useful to someone.
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Re: Curve editor (Third-party software, not LOVE)

Post by pgimeno »

I have no idea of the file format, but the curves are quite clearly Bézier. LÖVE supports Bézier curves, but I'm not sure if that support will be of any use in this case. Either way, Bézier curves are simple enough to manually deal with them.
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