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GTD management (aka "Addressing motivational issues")

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:53 am
by cval
I've recently stumbled upon some subject-related materials and there was a claim that if you have a huge project, you'd be better divide it to lesser tasks and complete them one by one instead of biting on more than you can chew.

Now, while it does sound simple and obvious, my opinion is - everyone is different and some will benefit from this, some will have hard time adjusting their "bite" until it will feel comfortable to work with, and some will have hardest time bashing their heads on GTD materials with no success because their mindset does not fit this kind of effectiveness improvement technique.

"Finishing stuff" is even more important to one-man-studio individuals, most of which (probably?) encounter productivity issues, where they start light, but somewhere, where their project is "85% complete", progress falls noticeably up until they focus on just trying to continue with no success.

There were also some hints for gamedev (and SW development in general) involved for just this kind of situation: get something smaller done if you find yourself in such state, because it doesn't matter how big the project that you have finished is, it's the success fact that matters in developing "the gist of completionist", and i guess the point is that the more often you do that, the more confident you will be later on. It may also involve lowering your "the task is finished" standard, and it may scare people off from this strategy, but IMO it does not matter: either you quickly develop the force that helps you to stay motivated, or you will end up with the most aesthetic and beautiful idea in your head, but nothing that can be closest representation to that idea on a medium.

The topic has been probably addressed a few times, but i think it does not help while there are still lots of unfinished projects out there that wait for their authors to continue to work on. And i also would like to hear your opinion guys, cheers!

And as a GTD management attempt i made a minimalistic project sprint for Pandemio where you can slay zombies.

Re: GTD management (aka "Addressing motivational issues")

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:02 pm
by raidho36
Actually that's just a generic advice on solving complex problems - you break it down to smaller, more manageable problems, and when solutions to these individual problems come together, they solve the large problem.

Re: GTD management (aka "Addressing motivational issues")

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:05 pm
by cval
Yes, it is generic. However some mindsets have problems with defining what is a "task" (a smaller part of a project and has manageable scope), and i guess trying, and more important - finishing that task is what matters in developing a strong "habit" of finishing tasks. The more of them are finished, the stronger the habit, the more confident you are in doing stuff, then you can expand your scope and task size and, well.. It will lead you to bigger and better things (=