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Slack channel

Post by cfazzini » Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:47 am

Hi Lua members,

Wanted to get into Love2d and Lua development. I'm an avid user of IRC and more-so Slack. I've been using IRC for several years now and have since moved over to Slack.

Nothing wrong with IRC. Everyday, however, I see myself spending more time on Slack. Slack already has a great number of communities out there (Ruby on Rails, Ember, Elixir, just to name a few).

Slack is a personal preference, and for those of you who share the interest and wanting to expand the Lua community, feel free to join.

There is a #love2d channel specifically for love2d development.

Invite link is at

I hope this addition will add onto the growth of this language.

Slack community is new. Not too many users as of yet. So hoping to build it up in time. Hope to see you there

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Re: Slack channel

Post by shru » Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:36 pm

There's already an established Love2d Discord community, I recommend joining that if you're interesting in chatting about love2d in particular.

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