LuaEclipse and LÖVE

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LuaEclipse and LÖVE

Post by Arthurio » Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:21 pm

Hi I'm really new here. I was looking for a 2D game engine and found LÖVE. And it looks Awesome! :)

So I started thinking: how can I start off on the right foot ... looked around on the web and found LuaEclipse which sounds like the right tool for the job since I've always liked Eclipse.
I wrote down some notes for myself and then thought ... hey why not share them ... maybe someone else has the same problem as me.

I'm using: Windows, LÖVE binaries, eclipse, lua eclipse, ant, svn. Because I want to make a LÖVE game,
distribute it as an .exe and .love, I want to use the powerful features that eclipse provides
and I want to manage my source files with SVN.

1) Unpack eclipse (
2) Install Lua on eclipse (
3) Install Eclipse Java Development Tools (
4) Install SVN on eclipse (
5) Make a new lua project in eclipse
6) Make a "src" folder - this will contain all the game files such as .lua-s, graphics, sounds etc
7) Make a "love_binaries" folder
8) Make a "bin" folder - this will contain the executable
9) Put löve binaries into the love_binaries folder
10) Make a "src/main.lua" file
11) Make an ant build file "build.xml" in the root dir:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="My Game" default="Run Game .love" basedir=".">

	<property name="" value="My Game"/>
	<property name="src.dir" value="src"/>
	<property name="lovebin.dir" value="love_binaries"/>
	<property name="love.dir" value="love"/>
	<property name="bin.dir" value="bin"/>
	<property name="" value="mygame.exe"/>
	<property name="" value=""/>
	<target name="Make LOVE" description="Package the source files into a .love file.">
		<mkdir dir="${bin.dir}"/>
		<mkdir dir="${love.dir}"/>
		<zip destfile="${love.dir}\${}" basedir="${src.dir}"/>		
	<target name="Package Game" description="Package the game as an executable." depends="Make LOVE">	
		<copy todir="${bin.dir}">
			<fileset dir="${lovebin.dir}">
				<exclude name="love.exe"/>
				<exclude name="stdout.txt"/>
				<exclude name="stderr.txt"/>
		<exec executable="cmd">
			<arg value="/c"/>
			<arg value="copy"/>
			<arg value="/b"/>
			<arg value="${lovebin.dir}\love.exe+${love.dir}\${}"/>
			<arg value="${bin.dir}\${}"/>
	<target name="Run Game .love" description="Run the game .love file" depends="Make LOVE">
		<exec executable="${lovebin.dir}\love.exe">
			<arg value="${love.dir}\${}"/>
12) use the "Run xx" button on the toolbar to play

Now there's just one thing: is it possible to get auto-complete working for the LÖVE functions?

edit: Obviously since it's eclipse, c++ programming part could be added for those who want to make their own .dll-s or build löve from scratch. But I'm not interested in that yet.

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Re: LuaEclipse and LÖVE

Post by rude » Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:40 pm


Autocompletion can only be done for the love.module.function symbols. For objects (file:write, for instance) Eclipse can't possibly know the type of the object.

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