[Android] Filesystem visibility and my own app's files

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[Android] Filesystem visibility and my own app's files

Post by Reenen » Thu Nov 02, 2017 10:00 pm

A little background. I want to create an app to help people who can't communicate verbally to communicate.

There are already apps like that available, but what I want to enable the users to do was to create custom content that is specific for their child's development. But I don't want to create a whole user interface for file management (well, for 1. it's not something I feel comfortable programming, but 2. it will complicate the simplicity of the interface).

The principle is pretty simple, have an image (button) and a sound with the same filename (different extension) and I'll link the sound to the button.

My problem though: For this to work I need to find where the files reside on the android, and I need to have my "default" content in that folder.

So I've set

Code: Select all

t.externalstorage = true
and I save a placeholder file in my code to ensure that the save folder is created. This on windows made my filesystem not find my content, meaning I had to go place it in my save folder to get the game to work. I think if I can set up the android packaging in such a way that my default content is saved to the save folder and not within the "app" then it'll probably work perfectly.

So... long story, it would be great if you guys could help me.
This version will not work because the default content will not be in your save folder.
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