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Post by Lovingsoul1337 »

Hey there can you may help me ? For some reason i can't read the file and it doesnt print love

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local littlehelper = {}

function littlehelper.requireSystems()
  local systemTable = {}
  local systemName
  for k, v in ipairs(love.filesystem.getDirectoryItems("SimpleElementSystem.Systems")) do
    systemName = "SimpleElementSystem.Systems." .. v:gsub("%.lua", "")
    table.insert(systemTable, require(systemName))
return systemTable --intendation of this return good ?

return littlehelper
best regards

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Re: love.filesystem.getDirectoryItems("SimpleElementSystem.Systems")

Post by MrFariator »

As far as I know, love.filesystem paths are in the format of path/to/file only, so doesn't work.
You may also want to be mindful of the exact casing on folder and file names; for example running code on Windows works fine if you mix the cases, but will fail when running from a .love or fused executable.
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Re: love.filesystem.getDirectoryItems("SimpleElementSystem.Systems")

Post by pgimeno »

Yeah, dots are used for module names in require(). Normal love.filesystem functions use slashes "/".
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