TLfres - resolution freedom

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Re: TLfres - resolution freedom

Post by Davidobot »

Can this be used with a camera lib? I tried it and it screwed up my entire game. :|
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Re: TLfres - resolution freedom

Post by Teraku »

Sorry for bumping this, but I'm having a bit of a problem. I originally programmed my game to work at a resolution of 1280x720, but I would like to be able to have the game play in 1024x768 instead. However, I just get a black screen when using this.

I don't really understand how you're supposed to use TLfres.setScreen() with arguments. Could anyone give me an example?
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Re: TLfres - resolution freedom

Post by Taehl »

This library is very old and not compatible with modern versions of Love2D. I'm going to port it once I can figure out the correct aspect ratio math instead of my old kludge.
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Re: TLfres - resolution freedom

Post by knorke »

(old thread but it seems to be the newest?)
So I dug up an old löve project on an old harddisk. It was in 800x600 resolution and I had never bothered to deal with the boring maths of screen resolutions and ratios. I found , did as written in the instruction and it worked.

Small note:
TLfres does not set the BlendMode. My game was drawing over the letterboxes because the last used blendmode in love.draw() had been "add".
(If you draw a circle with centerpoint at x=0 then half the circle will be offscreen. Or in case of using TLfres: on top the letterbox)

Code: Select all"alpha")
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Re: TLfres - resolution freedom

Post by togFox »

I get a black screen but would love to see this working.

Edit: IDK why but it started working when I defined a letterbox colour (instead of relying on default). Makes no sense.
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