Simple test of spritebatch

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Simple test of spritebatch

Post by Ref » Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:51 pm

Thought I'd share a test script.
Just trying to see what effect a large number of quads in a spritebatch had on frame rate and what happens when a portion of a spritebatch is off the screen (frame rate increases).
Of course, I couldn't just try one thing so all kinds of stuff added (just to confuse things).
Script contains:
quads (10,000)
mouse_contriol (a mouse selection menu system)
scrollbar (parameter adjustment)
but NO canvases!
In spite of all the junk, am able to get 100 fps on my laptop.
A test script
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Re: Simple test of spritebatch

Post by frpnit » Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:45 pm

Spritebatches are very effective, i've done a simple test before on my machine (a core i7) and in an old one (a pentium D with intel 950 integrated graphics) - just scrolling a tiled map with arrow keys - and the difference was impressive, if i'm not remembering wrong, the test ran 2.3 times faster on the old machine, and 6x faster on my i7.

I really do not understand why people have complains about spritebatches.
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