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Re: Tiny fractal studio :-)

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:30 am
by 0x69
anjo wrote: while inserting something in the middle means shifting everything afterward forward in memory
I also thought so, it`s the only reasonable explanation of such slowdown (assuming that tables acts like C arrays, in this situation at least)
anjo wrote: For more information on the internals of Lua, check out this PDF.
Thanks for reference ! This document can be handy sometimes ;)

--- Double Post ---
Robin wrote: Exactly. I just wanted to make sure the science was right. ;)
In principle you behave right, I`ve also in various experiments try to reject many factors ;)
BTW, before I submited example to forum, I also tried various versions of test (with and without math.random). So maybe because of this your remark resulted in my anger ;)
Robin wrote: You were right, 0x69. :)
Now I`m fully relaxed. Lets finish this question once and for all, peace ;)