newton [PhysicsEditor exporter + loader]

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newton [PhysicsEditor exporter + loader]

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Library that includes tools to export physics bodies made in CodeAndWeb's PhysicsEditor (, then load them into a LÖVE game. I only found one other library of this sort and it didn't suit my use case very well. This library exports to .lua files for easy parsing, and takes a minimal approach by only loading the physics body. Comes with a basic "wdraw" utility for rendering all of the physics bodies in a given physics world.

Usage example:

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local loader = require "loader"
local wdraw = require "wdraw"
local world = love.physics.newWorld()
local body
local x, y = 100, 100

function love.load()
    body = loader(world, "physics/exportedFile", "bodyName", x, y)

function love.update(dt)

function love.draw()
Bitbucket repo:
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