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[Librari][V0.2] Simple Key - Keyboard input - New version is out.

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:46 am
by MateConBigote
Simple Key


Simple Key is a simple yet awesome input library for Love2d. The objective of this library is to make the keyboard input handle easy in a small and compact way. The library is aimed to be used in small proyects.


There is a lot of input libraries for Love2d, but all of them are big and complex, and can be a little over kill use a library that can handel joystick and touch screen for a small project, so I made this.


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key = require('simpleKey')

function love.load()

function love.update(dt)
    if key:justPressed('space') then print('space just pressed') end
    if key:isDown('space') then print('space dawn') end
    if key:isReleased('space') then print('space got relised') end

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        keyInit() -- Init all variables.
        keyBind() -- Bind a key or a table of keys.
        keyUnbind() -- Unbind a key or a table of keys.
        updateInput() -- Update the state of all bound keys.
        justPressed() -- Return true on the first frame that a bound key is down.
        isDown() -- Return true if a bound key is down.
        isReleased() -- Return true if a bound key relesed in this frame.
        checkDown() -- Check if a key is dawn, this key don't need to be bound.
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Re: [Librari][V0.2] Simple Key - Keyboard input - New version is out.

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:25 am
by D0NM
There are a lot of input libs here.
one of the problem is dynamical connecting - disconnecting gamepads
during the gameplay.

I have to mod existing libs. Do you have any ideas how to manage such stuff?