Convenient workflow for testing mobile-apps

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Convenient workflow for testing mobile-apps

Post by Tassilo » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:54 am

Heya guys.
Just wanted to share my workflow for testing Android-games/-apps, in case it might prove helpful for one of you (maybe some even know better ways to do so).
Instead of manually transferring the .love file to my Android-device or cumbersomely zipping it up on the device itself, I managed to open up my files much faster this way:
I work on my projects in a Dropbox-folder. Whenever I am going to test the project on the mobile device, I save and switch to Windows PowerShell (similar methods available for MacOSX and Linux, of course, might work for iOS projects as well).
In PowerShell, I type

Code: Select all

cd <project_directory>
rm <project>.love; Compress-Archive * <project>.zip; ren <project>.zip <project>.love
I then open up ES File Explorer on the Android device, switch to Cloud/Dropbox and open up the freshly updated .love file, making updates a quick two-step procedure.
Now just pressing "up" in the PowerShell to repeat the last command makes me easily generate updated version.
Espescially helpful when working on touchcontrols.
Hope it helps. Best,

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