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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:36 pm
by Tricky
MyData is a tool that I basically only coded for my own benefit, but if you have as much use for it as I do, then go on use it.
I've been writing RPG games in Lua for years now, and as you may know RPGs require tons of data. Item effects, ability effects, what do storekeepers have in stock, that kind of stuff.

With the MyData tool I just coded a quick tool in BlitzMax in which I can set this data up quickly, and I built an exporter in it for both Lua and Python, and since it has a Lua exporter, this tool could therefore also come in handy for sone LÖVE users. The tool works on both Windows and Mac. Compiling a BlitzMax program for Linux is a downright disaster, but on the mac version of Wine the Windows version appears to work, so I guess the same trick should work for Linux.

MyData is not a very sophisticated database. Don't expect to be able to set up large and complex queries or foreign keys or stuff like that. I never set MyData up with those kinds of possibilities in mind from the start. It's just a quick tool to quickly enter loads of data, and that's basically all it can do, and that was all I wanted it to do.
Setting up a database is the most tricky part, once you got that part on the roll, entering the data itself goes rather quickly.

You can find MyData on, and on Game Jolt