Moonpie - UI / Framework?

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Moonpie - UI / Framework?

Post by shortlegstudio » Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:03 am

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Hello and Good Evening,

I was working on a prototype for a project and I was not enjoying myself trying to build some basic UI tools. I spent some time looking at various libraries and frameworks out there and in classic developer fashion decided, "Building my own will be easier than learning how to use someone else's that they have already tested and worked on!"

I also had been reading about web browser implementations and I played around with ReactJS that I felt I had enough knowledge to be dangerous. The outcome of this perfect storm is, Moonpie.

My attempt was to create something that allowed for easy reuse of components and to allow dynamic and flexible placement of controls. I also want to create demos that look interesting and useful. It is not fully functional yet, as it is missing some key components like textboxes. And, it has the basic functionality there to make that possible.

It has incorporated a concept of layers allowing me to create a debugging panel displaying log, profiler, and basic statistic information. Using the "`" key it will hide/show the panel.

I'm also happy with my color implementation that allows for flexibility in defining colors via names/functions/tables. This allows the ability to create colors that can be lightened easily and consistently.


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