My first ECS libary !

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My first ECS libary !

Post by Lovingsoul1337 »

Hey there i finished my first libary and want offer it here ! Its called Simple Element System.

My idea behind the libary was that you can with few lines of code to see some results so im here with my 8 step system(actually i just did see you can even have less :))

First download the lib on -->

-second require the lib
-third drop a system in the system folder
-fourth drop a draw system in the drawing folder(premade)
-fifth create a world in main
-six create a entity in main
-seven call world:update() in love.update() --dont forget to pass dt :)
-eight call world:draw in love.draw()

see the magic happens :)

If you have questions or some ideas just ask me here and i try answering it !

best regards



Since this is my first lib dont expect too much its more for beginners that want see fast results and not for big projects !
ps. rectangle_ninja.png is self made you can use it everyhwere you want ! :ultraglee:
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