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[Member request]Desert Island

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:32 am
by MadByte
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for someone to work with on a project for some time now.
I've seen the (almost dead) "Whiff of Stream" thread & thought about offering a new, maybe a bit smaller project to work on with the community or at least with one or two lövers if anyone is interested. I thing it is worse a try!

GitHub repo
Standed1 reference
Standed2 reference

Development progress:
30th June 2013:
Today I also worked on the console a bit, I've added some test commands to see how it works. The colors needs some corrections
and the code need to get cleaned up but I'm good with the basic console so far. Further dev on that after other things :)

29th June 2013:
- Added a very simple buttongroup class to create text buttons which could be
selected with the mouse or the keyboard
- Added a console function to display status messages later in development, things like "generate World", "could not find player spawn, set to default" etc.
- Added a temporary menu layout for development


I thought about a survival game like Standed by Unrealsoftware, but in 2D with a similar camera style like "The Binding of Isaac" or even more like "Don't Starve"( click for an image ) but without any 3D elements and less smooth animations of course. I thought about a 16x / or 32x pixel graphics style.


The gameplay is basically the same like most other survival games - eat / drink - search for loot - don't die.
The player is able to build structures like a campfire, tents, fish traps, animal traps, a water filtering system ...
Even crafting is planned - build tools & weapons i.g shovels to dig for treasures or building traps.
To loot you don't have to interact with special objects - you search the place you're standing - if you stand near by a tree you might find
branches or leaves. Is a rock near by you possibly find stones, flints or gravel.

The island is planned to have always the same size and get's randomly populated.
Other planned features are a day/night cycle, a simple weather system, various animals, ...

I'm relatively new here & still learning stuff but for some references you could look at my homepage for games.
I could offer me program menu's, buttons, gui's / things like that and / or doing graphics stuff in consultation with the member(s).
Further project organisation planning as well as game style planning would also be done in consultation with everyone.

I've set up a dropbox directory for every development related game ressources, I'll add every active developer on request ( tell me your dropbox user name if you want to get added ) If you mind another way to share files with everyone, feel free to tell me.

Also there is a GitHub repo to organise the development process.

I know it's veeery hard to organise such a project & keep it alive - but why not try it ...
If it dies, ... then it is as it is & nobody need to worry about :)

If anyone is interested,
cool :cool: :cool:

Re: [Member request]Desert Island

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:30 pm
by batatinha
This 8-bits vibe is horrible...(maybe isn't even 8-bits vibe.... err... atari vibe?)

Re: [Member request]Desert Island

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:26 pm
by MadByte
Feel free to pimp it up if it is this horrible ;)

Re: [Member request]Desert Island

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:58 pm
by batatinha
I will see the sources to see if i can edit it, i loved your ideia, just didn't liked the graphic style proposed, but i'm not an graphic artist... =|
But a logo is easy to do, see my fast edit and say if you like... :monocle: