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Re: Project still alive??

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:22 am
by sanjiv
Robin wrote: Now, if you or anyone else wants to start a wiki and be loyal and things, I'd say go ahead, but keep in mind you'll probably be the only one for a (long) while.
That's the position I found myself when I started my group project. Now I'm interested in "community crafting," as it were. [scurries off, and scurries back] I happened to just write this elsewhere, and it's an idea I'd like to float here as well.

I think a community project would benefit from (1) a tutorial system to get newbs up to speed, and (2) a written record that maintains the goal. I think this is similar to how franchises or societies/fraternities function.

While (3) a supportive community is vital, I'd like to think that if a project died, a lone individual could resurrect it if he or she stumbled across items 1 and 2. Essentially, the lone individual could spontaneously manifest a supportive community, and take advantage of the infrastructure left by 'long lost' predecessors (who may yet return 'from the dead').