[library] concatenative prototypes for Lua

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[library] concatenative prototypes for Lua

Post by marcoonroad » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:35 pm

I'm happy and proud to present you guys my own library for prototype-based OOP. It's still in its early stages of research, but can be used on small games without any problem (I wonder, tho).

It employs the Kevo-style of prototype-based OOP (rather than Self/JS-style). The former is called concatenative (due the Forth-like semantics of the Kevo language), while the latter is called "delegative".

The major advantages are explicit control of propagation of state/changes. On the case of delegation, it obliges us to deal with the burden to track the overall cloning operations in mind. Without that, things can go out of control and introduce undesirable side-effects on our application. It can be thought as the functional-counterpart of prototypes. State is still allowed, but confined for every object in the sense that other fellows won't notice such changes on themselves (as is the case of delegation).

Enough of cheap talk, the source code can be found here: http://github.com/marcoonroad/families

There's also some pointed references on the Wiki for anyone interested on such OOP field of research.

Happy hacking and thank you guys!
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