NoiseGen - 2d Noise Generator

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NoiseGen - 2d Noise Generator

Post by Mermersk » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:23 pm


NoiseGen is a tool for mapping noise onto an image. You can open it up, mess around with the settings until you find something useful, then you can save it as a png-image file.


Customizable dimensions - Choose your width and height of the image.
Choose between 3 different noise types: Fractal, Billow or Ridged Multi.
Customizable settings for your noise - Octaves, Lacunarity, Persistance, Seed and Frequency
Customizable colors - Choose your value for the red, green, blue and alpha channels

Use spacebar to generate new image with your new settings. You can use the arrows to see previous images you made in the current session.

Regarding save function: You can save your image with a name of your liking, but currently it can only save the image to one place on the computer. The path to the save folder is displayed in the program.

Default resolution of the image is 1200x800

I used 2 libraries I found here on the forums. Many thanks to the creators of these! They are:
Simple-slider by georgeprosser.
Lovenoise by substitute541

This is my first real tool I make, hope some of you find it useful or just fun to mess around in :awesome:

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