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Free starting guide Lua

Post by Tricky » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:32 am

Click here for the Lua Starting Guide

The link above leads to a starting guide to the Lua programming language that I recently wrote. It's not yet fully "complete", and I deem it always open for improvement. Therefore I did even set up a GitHub repository, so you can notify me easily about any mistakes (like example codes not working or typos or some wrong information, or vital parts of Lua not covered, etc. etc).

Now this guide is about Lua in general, although I did dedicate one chapter to the basics of LÖVE, as Lua is by itself not able to do much, unless attached to an engine, and since LÖVE is a simple, yet free and pretty complete engine for 2D games, it could do well to demonstrate Lua in full action, but of course, with the note that if you prefer a different engine, stuff may work differently, but that the Lua language itself will basically be the same.

I've NOT covered adding APIs in C to Lua, and I don't plan to, for 2 reasons. a. Although I can code in C, I suck in C, so I may not be the best person to explain anything about C. b. I only wanted to cover the scripting side of Lua from the start, and even if I were to cover the C-side of Lua, I think it would be best to cover that part in a guide for the advanced Lua user. I actually wonder how many Lua programmers are actually using writing their own stuff for Lua in C... I really don't know... :-/

Of course, the guide may not be for the experienced LÖVE user (I don't think it will tell anything new to you if you are an experienced LÖVE user), but hey, if people who never used Lua before consider LÖVE this guide can help them to understand Lua itself.

(Apologies if this was the wrong board to post this).

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