Run love programs using intellij

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Run love programs using intellij

Post by bobbymcbobface » Mon Jun 24, 2019 6:03 pm

hay guys
i need some help trying to run code i made in intellij
at the moment I've got it working so it runs my folder using the love.exe but each time i have to manually get rid of the exact path and set it to the folder any chance i could make this automatic?

this is what i have
have.PNG (27.55 KiB) Viewed 4475 times
i need this

to be applied to one run config (i.e "run main") and it will execute just the folder

sorry if i haven't explained that well if your confused feel free to question me i know this is typed confusingly (i think) :awesome: :awesome:


this might help explain it a bit better:
Capture.PNG (28.3 KiB) Viewed 4165 times
i need this build config to work in intellij idea and if your wondering yes that is sublime text 3 and if your also wondering why don't i just use that it's because i hate coding in text editors.

also if this isn't possible then could you recommend me some other software that may work and preferable has intellij darcula color scheme

Edit again:

sorry for the mass amount of edits I'm just stuck on the best way of describing what I need

This might help explain it (again)

I need help making a run config in intellij that will run my current code folder that i'm in, in intellij.

I have already tried using sublime text and although that allows me to swap between files and run them easily i seem to have a certain dislike to it and i would prefer using intellij.

Here's what I've got:

program: \LOVE\love.exe

working directory: \LOVE

entry file: lua projects\first game\main.lua

what i need is:

the entry file to only be the path to the folder so this entry file: lua projects\first game\

for intellij to detect what folder i'm in and change the entry paths directory accordingly

the result i get is having to create a run config for each separate folder and this will result in a ton of run configs in the future.

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