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* Removed EncodedImageData.
* Removed EncodedImageData.
* Removed old syntax for require (with extension).
* Removed old syntax for require (with extension).
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Revision as of 06:15, 12 October 2011

The codename for LÖVE 0.8.0 is Rubber Piggy. It is not yet released.

Changes from 0.7.2


  • Added release error screen.
  • Added alpha to love.graphics.setBackgroundColor.
  • Added Canvas:clear(r, g, b, a).
  • Added love.graphics.arc.
  • Added seek and tell to Source objects.
  • Added color interpolation to ParticleSystem.
  • Added automatic PO2 padding for systems not supporting the OpenGL extension.
  • Added UTF-8 support for fonts.
  • Added Box2D error handling for some commonly failing functions.
  • Added ability for fused release games to have their write dir in appdata.
  • Added shear transformation to drawing functions.
  • Added origin to font printing.
  • Added love.graphics.getMode.
  • Added per-sprite colors on SpriteBatches.
  • Added pixel effects.
  • Added love.graphics.isSupported.
  • Added love.graphics.getRenderTarget.
  • Added love.event.quit.
  • Added stencil masks.
  • Added alternative SpriteBatch provider, it should work everywhere now.
  • Added a loader for binary modules.
  • Added Thread:getKeys().
  • Added option of fractions for quads.
  • Added PNG, JPEG and GIF support to ImageData:encode.
  • Added 64-bit support for Mac OS X.
  • Added premultiplied blending mode.
  • Added functions to set/get default image filter modes.


  • Fixed wrapping for single words.
  • Fixed tracebacks not showing filenames.
  • Fixed love.graphics.push/pop capable of causing overflows/underflows.
  • Fixed setScissor on Canvases.
  • Fixed several issues with audio, e.g. clicks and pops in mp3s.
  • Fixed crashes when bodies were destroyed during collisions.
  • Fixed bound SpriteBatches corrupting when drawing.
  • Fixed thread-safety issues with ImageData.
  • Fixed memory leaks in audio sources.
  • Fixed thread's set (previously send) accidentally changing the type.
  • Fixed SoundData allocating the wrong number of samples.
  • Fixed SpriteBatch support on Intel cards.
  • Fixed love.filesystem.lines() leaking.
  • Fixed Source controls inconsistencies.
  • Fixed most leaking on unclosed File objects.
  • Fixed crashes when operating on non-existent files.
  • Fixed a bug where empty files on windows would never reach eof.
  • Fixed crash when SoundData runs out of memory.
  • Fixed ordering of loaders, love should have priority over Lua.

Other Changes

  • Renamed SpriteBatch's lock/unlock to bind/unbind.
  • Renamed Framebuffer to Canvas.
  • Renamed love.thread.send/receive to set/get.
  • Updated love.joystick to be 1-indexed.
  • Updated font engine.
  • Updated line drawing to a custom system.
  • Updated love.timer.sleep to use seconds, like the rest of love.
  • Updated love.graphics.circle to have max(10, r) as default for segments.
  • Updated ImageData:encode to write to files directly.


  • Removed Canvas auto-clearing.
  • Removed EncodedImageData.
  • Removed old syntax for require (with extension).
no-game screen