Available since LÖVE 0.9.0
This enum is not supported in earlier versions.

Types of fullscreen modes.


Standard exclusive-fullscreen mode. Changes the display mode (actual resolution) of the monitor.
Sometimes known as borderless fullscreen windowed mode. A borderless screen-sized window is created which sits on top of all desktop GUI elements (such as the Windows taskbar and the Mac OS X dock.) The window is automatically resized to match the dimensions of the desktop, and its size cannot be changed.


In normal/exclusive fullscreen mode, if a window size is used which does not match one of the monitor's supported display modes, the window will be resized to the next largest display mode.

Normal/exclusive fullscreen mode is sometimes avoided by users because it can cause issues in some window managers and with multi-monitor setups. In OS X it prevents switching to a different program until fullscreen mode is exited. The "desktop" fullscreen mode generally avoids these issues.

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