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== Functions ==
== Functions ==
{{#ask: [[Category:Functions]] [[parent::GearJoint]] OR [[parent::Joint]] [[Since::<071]]
{{#ask: [[Category:Functions]] [[parent::GearJoint||Joint]] [[Since::<071]]
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| ?Description
| ?Description

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Keeps bodies together in such a way that they act like gears.


love.physics.newGearJointCreate a GearJoint connecting two Joints.


GearJoint:getRatioGet the ratio of a gear joint.
GearJoint:setRatioSet the ratio of a gear joint.
Joint:destroyExplicitly destroys the Joint.
Joint:getAnchorsGet the anchor points of the joint.
Joint:getCollideConnectedGets whether the connected Bodies collide.
Joint:getReactionForceReturns the reaction force on the second body.
Joint:getReactionTorqueReturns the reaction torque on the second body.
Joint:getTypeGets a string representing the type.
Joint:setCollideConnectedSets whether the connected Bodies should collide with each other.

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