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LuaTableA library that converts tables to Lua code that can be saved.Any
LuaoopOOP (Object Oriented Programming) class-based libraryAny
LumeUtility functions geared towards game developmentAny
LynputLynput is a library that makes input handling very easy and intuitive0.10.0+
LÖVE PhysicsEditor LoaderPhysicsEditor Objects Models Loader0.10.2
Löve BoneA robust object-oriented 2D Skeletal Animation framework for LÖVE.0.9.1
Löve FramesAn advanced GUI library for LÖVE0.11.x
LövelyMoonEasily handle gamestates with this library!0.8.0
MGLMathematics for Graphics in pure LuaAny
Message in a BottleA message library for LOVE.0.7.0
MiddleClassObject-orientation for LuaAny
MiniFSMinimal but powerful filesystem module.0.10
Monocle Debugging & Expression watching for Love2D0.9.1
Moses A utility-belt library for fun and functional programming with LuaAny
Möan.luaA messagebox system with multiple-choices and more '''(renamed to Talkies)'''0.10.x
NoHighDPIDisable High DPI scaling on Android devices. (useless since LÖVE 11.3)11.1
NoobhubMultiplayer and network messagingAny
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