Available since LÖVE 0.10.0
This function is not supported in earlier versions.

Adds additional formatted text to the Text object at the specified position.



Text:addf( textstring, wraplimit, alignmode, x, y, angle, sx, sy, ox, oy, kx, ky )


string textstring
The text to add to the object.
number wraplimit
The maximum width in pixels of the text before it gets automatically wrapped to a new line.
AlignMode align
The alignment of the text.
number x
The position of the new text (x-axis).
number y
The position of the new text (y-axis).
number angle (0)
Orientation (radians).
number sx (1)
Scale factor (x-axis).
number sy (sx)
Scale factor (y-axis).
number ox (0)
Origin offset (x-axis).
number oy (0)
Origin offset (y-axis).
number kx (0)
Shearing / skew factor (x-axis).
number ky (0)
Shearing / skew factor (y-axis).



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