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* recording user input and debugging
* recording user input and debugging
'''[https://bitbucket.org/leonidas/zoetrope-love-0.9 Project site]'''
'''[https://bitbucket.org/klembot/zoetrope Project site]'''

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Zoetrope is designed to let you hit the ground running with LÖVE. It's similar in design to Flixel, so if you have any experience with that, you should be able to able to figure out Zoetrope quickly. It provides basic functionality for:

  • creating classes, subclassing existing ones, reusing objects
  • animated sprites, including alpha fading, color tinting, and rotation
  • user input via keyboard, mouse, and gamepads
  • framerate-independent physics (velocity, acceleration, and drag)
  • collision checking
  • static and animated tilemaps, loaded from either CSV or Tiled files
  • tweening object properties
  • recording user input and debugging

Project site