The root module which contains all the other modules. Clearly the loveliest module of all.


love.audioProvides of audio interface for playback/recording sound.
love.eventManages events, like keypresses.
love.filesystemProvides an interface to the user's filesystem.
love.fontAllows you to work with fonts.
love.graphicsDrawing of shapes and images, management of screen geometry.
love.imageProvides an interface to decode encoded image data.
love.joystickProvides an interface to connected joysticks.
love.keyboardProvides an interface to the user's keyboard.
love.mouseProvides an interface to the user's mouse.
love.physicsCan simulate 2D rigid body physics in a realistic manner.
love.soundThis module is responsible for decoding sound files.
love.threadAllows you to work with threads.
love.timerProvides high-resolution timing functionality.


DataThe superclass of all data.
ObjectThe superclass of all LÖVE types.
VariantThe types supported by love.thread and love.event.


Config FilesGame configuration settings.
love.drawCallback function used to draw on the screen every frame.
love.errhandThe error handler, used to display error messages.
love.focusCallback function triggered when window receives or loses focus.
love.joystickpressedCalled when a joystick button is pressed.
love.joystickreleasedCalled when a joystick button is released.
love.keypressedCallback function triggered when a key is pressed.
love.keyreleasedCallback function triggered when a keyboard key is released.
love.loadThis function is called exactly once at the beginning of the game.
love.mousepressedCallback function triggered when a mouse button is pressed.
love.mousereleasedCallback function triggered when a mouse button is released.
love.quitCallback function triggered when the game is closed.
love.runThe main function, containing the main loop. A sensible default is used when left out.
love.updateCallback function used to update the state of the game every frame.

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