Load a file (but not run it)



chunk = love.filesystem.load( name )


string name
The name (and path) of the file


function chunk
The loaded chunk


It is important to note that love.filesystem.load does not invoke the code, it just creates a function (a 'chunk') that will contain the contents of the file inside it. In order to execute the chunk, you have to put () behind it.

Also, it is worth noting that loaded files can return values. For example, the following file:

return 1+1

Will return 2, when called like this:

chunk = love.filesystem.load( name ) -- load the chunk
local result = chunk() -- execute the chunk
print('result: ' .. tostring(result)) -- prints 'result: 2'

This has the problem of completely halting your lua if there is a syntax error on the loaded file. If you want more robustness, you can surround the chunk with pcall:

chunk = love.filesystem.load( name ) -- load the chunk
local result, errMsg = pcall(chunk) -- execute the chunk safely
if result == false then -- result will be false if there is an error
  print('The following error happened: ' .. tostring(errMsg))
  print('The result of loading is: ' .. tostring(result))

Notice that this code will be confused if the file returns false on purpose. Avoid returning false inside your loaded code.

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