CanvasOff-screen render target.
DrawableSuperclass for all things that can be drawn on screen.
FontDefines the shape of characters than can be drawn onto the screen.
FramebufferOff-screen render target.
ImageDrawable image type.
MeshA 2D polygon mesh used for drawing arbitrary textured shapes.
ParticleSystemUsed to create cool effects, like fire.
PixelEffectPixel shader effect.
QuadA quadrilateral with texture coordinate information.
ShaderShader effect.
SpriteBatchStore image positions in a buffer, and draw it in one call.
TextDrawable text.
TextureSuperclass for drawable objects which represent a texture.
VideoA drawable video.

Functions the given Transform object to the current coordinate transformation. an arc. a screenshot once the current frame is done. if a display mode is supported. a circle. the screen or active Canvas to the specified color. the contents of the screen or active Canvas. objects on screen. many instances of a Mesh with a single draw call, using hardware geometry instancing. a layer of an Array Texture. a Quad with the specified Image on screen. an ellipse. renders any pending automatically batched draws. the current background color. the blending mode. the current target Canvas. the available Canvas formats, and whether each is supported. the window caption. the current color. the active color components used when drawing. the color mode (which controls how images are affected by the current color). the available compressed image formats, and whether each is supported. the DPI scale factor of the window. the default scaling filters used with Images, Canvases, and Fonts. the default scaling filters. the current depth test mode and whether writing to the depth buffer is enabled. the width and height of the window. the current Font object. whether triangles with clockwise- or counterclockwise-ordered vertices are considered front-facing. the height in pixels of the window. the pixel formats usable for Images, and whether each is supported. the line join style. the current line stipple. the line style. the current line width. the max supported width or height of Images and Canvases. the max supported point size. whether back-facing triangles in a Mesh are culled. the current display mode. a list of supported fullscreen modes. the width and height in pixels of the window. the current PixelEffect. the height in pixels of the window. the width in pixels of the window. the point size. the current point style. information about the system's video card and drivers. the current scissor box. the current Shader. the current depth of the transform / state stack (the number of pushes without corresponding pops).
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AlignModeText alignment.
ArcTypeDifferent types of arcs that can be drawn.
BlendAlphaModeDifferent ways alpha affects color blending.
BlendModeDifferent ways to do color blending.
CanvasFormatCanvas texture formats.
ColorModeControls how drawn images are affected by current color.
CompareModeDifferent types of stencil test and depth test comparisons.
CullModeHow Mesh geometry is culled when rendering.
DrawModeControls whether shapes are drawn as an outline, or filled.
FilterModeHow the image is filtered when scaling.
GraphicsFeatureGraphics features that can be checked for with
GraphicsLimitTypes of system-dependent graphics limits.
ImageFlagImage flags.
IndexDataTypeVertex map datatype.
LineJoinLine join style.
LineStyleThe styles in which lines are drawn.
MeshDrawModeHow a Mesh's vertices are used when drawing.
MipmapModeControls whether a Canvas has mipmaps, and its behaviour when it does.
PixelFormatPixel formats for Textures, ImageData, and CompressedImageData.
PointStyleHow points should be drawn.
SpriteBatchUsageUsage hints for SpriteBatches and Meshes.
StackTypeGraphics state stack types used with
StencilActionHow a stencil function modifies the stencil values of pixels it touches.
TextureFormatControls the canvas texture format.
TextureTypeTypes of textures (2D, cubemap, etc.)
VertexAttributeStepThe frequency at which a vertex shader fetches the vertex attribute's data from the Mesh when it's drawn.
VertexWindingVertex winding.
WrapModeHow the image wraps inside a large Quad.

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