Provides an interface to connected joysticks.


Joystick Represents a physical joystick. Added since 0.9.0


love.joystick.close Closes a joystick. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getAxes Returns the position of each axis. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getAxis Returns the direction of the axis. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getBall Returns the change in ball position. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getGamepadMappingString Gets the full gamepad mapping string of the Joysticks which have the given GUID, or nil if the GUID isn't recognized as a gamepad. Added since 11.3
love.joystick.getHat Returns the direction of a hat. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getJoystickCount Gets the number of connected joysticks. Added since 0.9.0
love.joystick.getJoysticks Gets a list of connected Joysticks. Added since 0.9.0
love.joystick.getName Returns the name of a joystick. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getNumAxes Returns the number of axes on the joystick. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getNumBalls Returns the number of balls on the joystick. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getNumButtons Returns the number of buttons on the joystick. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getNumHats Returns the number of hats on the joystick. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.getNumJoysticks Returns how many joysticks are available. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.isDown Checks if a button on a joystick is pressed. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.isOpen Checks if the joystick is open. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.loadGamepadMappings Loads a gamepad mappings string or file created with love.joystick.saveGamepadMappings. Added since 0.9.2 Opens up a joystick to be used. Removed in 0.9.0
love.joystick.saveGamepadMappings Saves the virtual gamepad mappings of all recently-used Joysticks that are recognized as gamepads. Added since 0.9.2
love.joystick.setGamepadMapping Binds a virtual gamepad input to a button, axis or hat. Added since 0.9.2


GamepadAxis Virtual gamepad axes. Added since 0.9.0
GamepadButton Virtual gamepad buttons. Added since 0.9.0
JoystickHat Joystick hat positions.
JoystickInputType Types of Joystick inputs. Added since 0.9.0

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