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love.keyboard.getKeyFromScancodeGets the key corresponding to the given hardware scancode.
love.keyboard.getKeyRepeatReturns the delay and interval of key repeating.
love.keyboard.getScancodeFromKeyGets the hardware scancode corresponding to the given key.
love.keyboard.hasKeyRepeatGets whether key repeat is enabled.
love.keyboard.hasTextInputGets whether text input events are enabled.
love.keyboard.isDownChecks whether a certain key is down.
love.keyboard.isScancodeDownChecks whether the specified Scancodes are pressed.
love.keyboard.setKeyRepeatEnables or disables key repeat for love.keypressed.
love.keyboard.setTextInputEnables or disables text input events.


KeyConstantAll the keys you can press.
ScancodeKeyboard scancodes.

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