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Title LÖVE version Format Creator Description
How to LÖVE 11.3 Text Sheepolution Comprehensive tutorial teaching various concepts that a beginner needs. Starts with explaining what variables are and ends with how to make a platformer.
learn2love 11.3 Text RVA Game Jams This book teaches programming from the ground up in the context of Lua and LÖVE. It teaches basic computer science and software building skills along the way.
Simple Game Tutorial 11.3 Text Santos A list of short tutorials that explain how to make all kinds of games like Snake, Tetris and Flappy Bird.
Cameras 11.3 Text Michael Ebens A 3-part tutorial covering the use of Cameras
CS50's Introduction to Game Development 0.10.2 Video CS50 (Harvard University) A lecture on LÖVE where it teaches how to make Pong, explaining everything along the way.
How to LÖVE 0.10.1 Video Sheepolution The video version of How to LÖVE. Starts with the basics and ends with how to make Pong.
Game Development For Complete Beginners 0.10.0 Video GamesFromScratch A tutorial on game development in general that uses LÖVE.
Making an Arkanoid-type Game with LÖVE Framework ? Text Noooway Make an Arkanoid-type Game from scratch.
Your First LÖVE Game in 200 Lines 0.9.1 Text OSMstudios A tutorial where you make a small shooter game from scratch.
Love Tile Tutorial 0.6.0 Text Kikito Teaches how to make a tile-based level with a moving character, collisions and scrolling, starting from scratch.

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